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DHgate.com – Chinese interenet shop that allows users to upload, view and order products in bulk from Chinese manufacturers and sellers. The company was founded in China in 2004. Based on data for the first quarter of 2011, the site claims that they have about 25 million products from more than 900,000 Chinese suppliers and 4 million buyers from 230 different countries.

Products available on the site, include electronics, cosmetics, sports equipment, clothing, etc. Currently, more than 50% of buyers site in North America and Europe. On the company’s website says that the company has increased by 1771% in the last three years.

It is necessary to pay attention to the performance rating and reviews. Vozhmozhno online communication with the seller, in the comments, you can learn from him how to exchange or return an item to discuss the availability of colors, sizes, specify the parameters, product characteristics, etc.

All financial transactions are protected by the system on DHgate.com ESCROW. The system protects the buyer against fraud sellers. In general, transactions includes the following stages: 1. The buyer places an order on DHgate.com 2. When the customer has made the payment, DHgate.com stores at the money as long as the buyer does not notify that you can give money to the seller. 3. If the seller has accepted the order, it must prepare and send it for some time. Once the order has shipped, the buyer poduchaet notification to your e-mail. 4. After receiving the order, the buyer checks the quality and quantity. 5. If the buyer is satisfied with the goods, he must go on DHgate.com and click «Complete Order» to the seller has received the money.

When ordering, you need to keep track of mail that comes to your personal account as possible possylki cancellation due to lack of available product. Also, the seller can write, there is no color you want, and you should answer that did not come to the wrong color.

Delivery of the online store Dhgate Hong Kong and by mail delivery services FedEx, UPS, DHL. But you can find a lot of goods with free shipping, they are marked with the inscription «Free Shipping».

Big minus – is that there is a product for a long time, and sometimes from 30 to 50 days. Dhgate.com always worked very slowly. For you to be important is the product, but not the delivery time, as delays happen very often.

Please note that many of the products sold in bulk, in 10, 20 or 100 pieces, and the price is indicated for 1 name.

DHgate until recently he worked in close cooperation with PayPal, with which the company had a strategic partnership. DHgate was the largest PayPal customers in the Asia-Pacific region. However, with the August 6, 2012 DHgate cooperation with Paypal has stopped and the company will no longer accept Paypal payments.

Recently, for the residents of Russia during the ordering process has ceased to be available to the payment through PayPal. Support writes that this occurred after an upgrade, but the fix is ​​not in a hurry. In any case, pay via PayPal possible. To do this, log into your PayPal account and transfer the desired amount to Payment@DHgate.com. Payment will be accepted.


Shop GearBest quite young. But thanks to an active PR campaign in Russia, the rich range and very low prices of the Chinese trading platform managed in a very short time become one of the most popular Chinese online stores among Russians, Ukrainians and citizens of other former Soviet countries.


In the first place people come to GearBest for different gadgets. There is a huge selection of Chinese and smart phones, tablets, TV boxes, quadrocopters, helicopters, radio control, headphones, watches, flashlights, electronic cigarettes, accessories for the gadgets. There are separate headings for auto electronics, home and garden, men’s clothing.

Interface Overview
Like most Chinese online stores, Gearbest.com does not have a full-fledged Russian version. And, to be honest, and there is not much need, as an English-language interface is familiar and understandable to all online shoppers. But if you have an overwhelming desire to see on the screen the Russian language, you can go down to the bottom of the site and there click on the link «Google Translator Russian”, and then before you shop will appear in the translated into Russian form (via Google Translator). But do not expect this feature of the normal translation into Russian – it is very far from ideal.

In the upper part of the site contains links to pre-order items (PRESALE), on the news (NEW), the top brands (TOP BRANDS), overview videos on goods from buyers (VIDEOS) and others. Interesting sections.

At the top right is a form to enter or authorization, a link to a basket bond with the support via Live Chat, and can choose the currency in which you prefer to see the prices on the site.

In the central part of the site we have Gearbest.com offers the most interesting products. Selection of the main product categories and subcategories shortfall represented on the left side of the store. See the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

Reviews and a review of the online store

Once on the page, any of the categories, we are able to display items according to the selected contact filters (shown in the left column) and sort them by popularity, newness, reviews, price (possible to sort are at the top). You can also search for products by using the search box, which is placed in the upper central part of the site.

Discounts and coupons on Gearbest.com

On the page of the selected product we have full information about it: price, photos and video delivery method, the choice of colors and modifications of the goods, the link to add to cart, a detailed description, customer reviews, questions and answers on this product and others.


It’s very simple. Enter e-mail, password, and agree to the future with the conditions of registration. You can also log in through the accounts on FaceBook and Google. After registration you will mail an activation email which you need to click on the link, thus confirming the registration.

registration form


As in other online stores. Necessary items add to cart button «ADD TO CART». In the basket, you can remove items from it, to change the number, enter a code for the discount (coupon).

For payment via PayPal click the button «Check out with PayPal», to select another payment method we press «Proceed to Checkout» (payment via MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer, but also through an account PayPal). Since August 2015 there was a possibility of payment via WebMoney.

In the «Shipping Address» you need to specify your data delivery. Be especially careful when filling in the fields related to the delivery address.

On Gearbest.com operates free international shipping via Russian Post, NL, SG, HK and Swiss Post. If the total amount of your order exceeds $ 40, items will be sent to the track to track. If the order amount less than $ 40, the track is not given, but for $ 1.99 you can buy a tracking number for the parcel.

Also on our website you can find detailed instructions with a video on the topic of how to fly on GearBest in detail. And also recommend to look at the current coupons and Promotional codes from Gearbest, which will enable substantial savings on purchases.



DealExtreme was opened in 2006 and has already gained a good reputation from customers all over the world. The main advantages is the low prices and free shipping goods around the world, regardless of the order. Dispatch is from Hong Kong. DealExtreme, probably the most famous Chinese shop on the Web.

Main Line Store – gadgets, the choice is huge, and the prices are often encouraging. Perhaps the only drawback of this company can be considered as the delivery time, due to the large number of orders. Delivery of the order to Russia about 30-45 days from date of shipment, depending on the distance of the city of Moscow. If you need as quickly as possible to get the goods, it is better to use other stores, especially it concerns the people involved in dropshipping.

The fact that the store is located in Hong Kong, that is not in close proximity to the plants which produce products affected just a little more than some other shops. However, a much smaller percentage DealExtreme marriage over other, and better technical support.

DealExtreme Review

For shopping is desirable but not necessary to register. Also, if the e-mail into PayPal and DealExtreme is different, the account DealExtreme, after entering you will not see their orders. There is only one way to fix that – register a new account with the same e-mail, as well as with PayPal.

Before buying a product it is necessary to read forums and reviews for products. There is sometimes a very useful information. There are many similar products, but, in fact, a big difference. Better watch out for products where there is no feedback, especially if they are facing.
How does DealExtreme Delivery work

Delivery of orders all over the world completely free of charge, regardless of the amount of goods ordered and the order value. The term of delivery of the order to the Russian average of 30-45 days from the date of dispatch. To sending in the order of over USD 15 with free track number. The price of goods is sometimes dependent on the amount of the order, and on the additional options that you choose in the basket before payment.

The usual order with a total of less than USD 15 will be delivered by air mail without notice. If an order with a total of less than 15 USD, it can be converted into Registred AirMail – registered airmail, if you add the appropriate option in the basket, which costs 1.70 USD, then you will be able to track the path of your parcel.

It is also possible to order a wholesale discount BulkRate (size of the discount depends on the number of the selected item). It is automatically sending customized and 1.70 USD will be added automatically.

Check with total more than USD 15 automatically become Registred. You can also choose the shipping EMS express delivery. For some expensive goods, EMS delivery option is mandatory.

Custom refers to a package from DealExtreme as well as to the regular mail – ie It does not require extra money.

Each registered parcels sent from DealExtreme has a number that is similar to the following: RA ********* HK. Do not confuse the order number. Travel packages can be customized to track the following addresses:

Shopping at Aliexpress

After ordering at DealExtreme it goes into the status “complete”, which can last from 1 day to 4 weeks, depending on the amount of goods ordered and the terms of their supply manufacturers. In the holiday period from November to March period of picking can take up to 2 months. If the order is too long to complete, and you are not satisfied, we can always cancel it and return the money or help you find the desired goods from other sellers.

If several positions in order, and some of them have been obtained from suppliers quickly, some delay, in order not to delay the sending of the entire order, it can be split into several chips. So if you got a parcel with an incomplete order, and instead of the missing items in the parcel card with their part numbers, do not worry, soon comes another posting. Warranty and Returns

Always keep all that is sent in a parcel (all goods, all packaging and documentation to goods, all the accompanying documents), including the packaging of the parcel itself.

Upon receipt of marriage is better to DealExtreme is online and in the form of CSE write about the problem, attaching photos of marriage, but rather several. In this case, they will be the proof.

You can return the goods of good quality, within 30 days of receipt. You will be refunded minus the cost of shipping, which was originally included in the price of goods. The requirements for returning an item: undamaged original packaging, preservation of the original appearance of the goods, complete set. In this case, to pay for the shipment of goods in China will have you.

Marriage send back will be asked if the cost of sending (its recoverable) is less than 30% of the value of the goods. Otherwise, if you prove its case, you can send new goods, and they are not even asked to send back the marriage.

If the resulting product has a factory marriage, the DealExtreme takes him back to full compensation. Requirements for the return of the same: the original packaging, complete set, keep the original appearance.

In most represented in the catalog there is a factory warranty (mobile phones, laptops, gps-navigators, etc.). The warranty period is indicated on the product pages, but it does not exceed 1 year. We must understand that to perform warranty is a manufacturer, not DealExtreme. He only agrees to take on your product requires warranty repairs and ensure its return delivery to you. Terms mailing can not be accounted for in the warranty repair.

The warranty does not cover batteries, batteries, wires, cables, adapters, chargers, headsets, handsfree-headset, bulb, mouse pads, CDs covers. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by rough handling, including defects inflicted by sharp objects, falling, compression; for goods subjected to repair unidentified persons; if no internal guarantee seal; in violation of rules of operation of the product.

If you sent a low-quality or defective goods, and you think you are affected, and DealExtreme does not want to return the money or repaired goods or goods returned after repair is not a long time, you can threaten them complaint with PayPal. If this does not work, then write a complaint with PayPal, but it must be done no later than 45 days after purchase.



Banggood.com – This is a Chinese online store, working in the market since 2004. Although the store has not yet reached the same popularity as Aliexpress he is actively developing, and every day, tens of thousands of people from different countries in Europe, Asia and America make their purchases with Banggood, while remaining fairly high quality products, prompt and constructive support and a wide range. Range

The site Banggood submitted about 30,000 different types of products in a wide variety of categories, such as smart phones and accessories, tablet, electronic gadgets, toys and ideas for lighting, clothing and accessories, watches and more. The site actively updates its range of products presented daily replenishing its more than 100 new types of products. The card of each product can be found with its properties and features, see the comments left by previous buyers, as well as look at the reviews, if any, were recorded. Prices

This Chinese shop manage to keep prices low, thanks to the network of suppliers operating in China in the cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Yiwu, which are located close to the port, which also significantly reduces transport costs. A network scattered in different continents warehouses to significantly reduce delivery time. Like most similar sites delivery is free, and at the order of 800 rubles, the buyer will receive a free track number so you can track the parcel.


Banggood Reviews

Recently, on the site you can select the currency in which will show prices of goods. Among the different options there and the Russian ruble. This will help users in Russia, to be aware of the price without committing additional arifmitecheskih action.

Another important and very enjoyable time shopping with Banggood – is the lack of quotas for minimum order. You can order as well as a couple of products for $ 2, and make a huge order for a round sum – store takes all free of charge and will not require additional fees.


Banggood Promotions and coupons

Another plus in favor of the store is a huge number of shares held, provided sales and coupons. Coupons allow to order products at significantly reduced price, on the site you will find a number of coupons provided, almost all categories of goods. Another shop worth mentioning conducted competitions. So, on a regular basis and honestly held video and not only competitions that allow to win certificates for the purchase of up to $ 700.

Another great way to mow down the price of the products you are interested in, is the so-called reward system. Thanks to a specially-designed program, you can earn special points, “Points”, which subsequently can be converted to real money to purchase goods online. Comments, add your photos to the card catalog, and bring friends. This will help make the already low-cost goods from the site of an order of magnitude more profitable. Payment for goods

To pay for goods in a shop Banggood you need to pay by PayPal. To date, this is the only way to pay for the goods you are interested in online. Besides it, you can also pay for the goods with the help of money transfer Western Union. However, this option is not very comfortable in mind time and benefits zatrat fee for money transfer. The lack of alternatives and the user closer to the Russian payment systems is a slight drawback, but the company plans to introduce the work of the popular in Russia and the CIS payment systems and WebMoney QIWI soon.

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